Fan Page Domination Review

Anthony Morrison had no business experience when he started his first online business. In fact, he didn’t even have the desire to start a business. He began his first business in his college dorm room. That wasn’t the fan page domination.



He had watched his family lose their life savings in the stock market. They were about to lose everything they had worked for their entire lives, including their home. They were on the verge of losing everything they had worked to achieve.

Necessity forced Anthony to act and create his first online business. Within a few years, his business was doing at least $2 million annual and his family’s financial fortunes was restored. Things had completely turned around for his family.

Since then Anthony has built over 10 successful online businesses, authored three Internet Marketing books and has reached over 25,000 people worldwide through his speaking engagements, helping them create successful email marketing businesses.

The Facebook Fan Page Formula

Let’s dive into the strategy I use to generate thousands of dollars in revenue and spin off hundreds of thousands of email subscribers at no cost. There are a few elements to this formula that you might not know, so I’m going to break them down, one by one. This will help ensure you know what these elements are and what each piece does, within this Fan Page Domination method process.

Facebook Fan Page Domination Review

fan page domination review

Facebook provides Fan Pages at no cost. Fan Pages are places where people who have similar interests can hand out and comment on a niche or topic. Fan pages are available for various topics. You can find one for most things including celebrities, hobbies, locations, vacations, brands, sports teams, and more. There’s a fan page for almost anything you can think of.

You may think this is a perfect marketing opportunity. As business owners and online marketers, we are looking for a group of people interested in your products or services, or we can find our target audience. Create a Fan Page that lets you create a profile of your target audience and then market the products to your “fans” completely free.

You may have heard people say “select a niche” or “find a niche” when you start on internet marketing business and that’s exactly what Pages allow you to do for free. You just need to select a niche, create a Page, build a fan base and get an automated marketing machine that costs nothing. Since the process if so simple, you can set up Fan Pages in various niches to increase your revenue and build a bigger online business.

Opt-In Page

This page is where you collect email addresses and build an email list. This is important because although you don’t have complete control over your fan base , you do have complete control over your list. While Facebook is a good platform and creating a Fan Page can be a great way to reach an audience, there’s no substitute for having something you control. In the Fan Page Domination bonus, you’ll learn a unique method I use to siphon fans from your fan page onto your email list, for free.

Thank You Page

Your customer is sent to the thank you page after they opt into your email list. This is the “first point for profits” in the process. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t use this space efficiently. I’m actively generating $4,000 per month while I write this book from people who land on my thank you page. There are several ways to monetize a thank you page including Shopify Products, Affiliate Links, Google AdSense, and more.


An auto-responder is the key to sending emails and generating automated recurring income for years. We use for email marketing and love the service they’re able to provide. The entire Fan Page Domination strategy is to send emails at different times so your list generates revenues.

Anthony Morrison Fan Page Domination Bonus

What’s the Key to Online Business Success?

The key to online business success can be summed up in one word.


Without traffic, the process of “building your business” or “making money online” will never get started. All online businesses need traffic.

Typically, this traffic is sent to the website to accomplish 2 goals:

Goal 1 – Generate Revenue
Goal 2 – Build an Email List

The internet has changed every single day and the way we generate traffic is not the same as it was 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. When I first began in online marketing the only way to generate traffic to the website was Yahoo! Search advertising or Google Search. I may have spent thousands of dollars generating website traffic to my sites and luckily for me, in the end, everything turned out very good.

I was spending over $50,000 monthly advertising on these sites and I was generating $200,000 monthly on affiliate commissions. This was a positive ROI. While Yahoo! And Google remains viable as a way to advertise, but social media has taken the Internet, and the advertising world by storm. That’s because people spend more time on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook than they spend on Yahoo or Google. You need to advertise in places where your target audience is active.

One thing learned from Facebook years ago is that it knows things about you that you might not even share with your family.

Think about what you can tell Facebook when creating an account:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Age
  • Gender
  • School
  • Workplace
  • Marital Status
  • Hobbies
  • Education Level
  • Music and Movie Interests

The list can go on and on. Every day you tell Facebook more about yourself including what you enjoy going and where you travel. This makes Facebook a powerful advertising platform. When you use Facebook for marketing, you can drill down to insane levels.

Facebook can be set to only show your advertisements to 25 to 27-year old males who attended college, likes baseball, love the movie Field of Dreams and enjoy spending time in nature. You can drill down and display your ads to your exact target audience. Facebook does this better than any other advertising platform.

Not only can you target your traffic, but you can also push the people who click your ad to your Fan Page where you can advertise to them for free. This is where the Fan Page Domination strategy can come into play.

Since you know TRAFFIC is the key to online business success and you know that Facebook is the best place to get high-quality targeted traffic, it’s time we help you get on the right track to building a successful online business.

You Can Get Free Traffic From Facebook!

Let’s start off by saying that most free sources of traffic are horrible.

– Most free sources of traffic TAKE FOREVER
– Most free sources of traffic are NOT TARGETED
– Most free sources of traffic are LOW QUALITY

Typically, if someone says they want to show you a way to get FREE TRAFFIC, generally, you should RUN in the opposite direction since you’re going to waste your time.

I’m a huge proponent of the saying “you get what you pay for” when it has to do with online marketing. I’ve never taught my students about free traffic strategies since, in the end, I knew it would not give them the results truly needed within the right time frame.

Let’s be honest while reading this book, you wanted results yesterday.

It’s true. And I’m going to guess something else about you.

Honestly, you’ve probably already tried some “free traffic” methods and did not get the results you wanted, right?

I couldn’t get behind this nonsense because I knew my students would become frustrated and think negatively. I do my best to keep everyone positive. I believe you should never give up on your dreams or goals. That’s why I knew that sharing “free traffic methods” with students are a no go.

I stumbled across the methods that are used in Fan Page Domination by accident.

The first page was started as a hobby. It had nothing to do with me. In fact, nobody knew I owned it.

The cool thing about the method is that big time marketers don’t have an unfair advantage over brand new marketers. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done in the past when you use this method since it’s why my BETA students get such good results.

This method has been used to allow me and my BETA students to generate large amounts of traffic, for FREE, from a simple Fan Pages, which is amazing.

You can use this method to build your online business from the ground up since you can take care of everything you need.

Traffic – You can use the Fan Page to generate VERY TARGETED and FREE traffic.

Opt-in Page – You can learn how to build an opt-in page to build an email list in the marketing process.

Thank You Page – This is where you can generate money instantly using something as simple as Google Ads.

You might be able to stop there and your entire business can earn revenue from Google Ads placed on the Thank You page OR you can take things to the next level. The Fan Page Domination review and bonus method can help you generate traffic for your other online businesses.

As you can see, the reason the Fan Page Domination method works well to generate FREE TRAFFIC is that it defies everything we believe about “free traffic methods” and their effectiveness.

Fan Page Domination Bonus – Review

We will prepare a special bonus for anyone who will purchase the system. More will follow soon.

It’s easy to see that this method can create a business by generating traffic and creating revenue on the thank you page. However, there are other ways to use this Fan Page Domination method.

Are There Other Ways to Generate Revenue?

This strategy will help you build a massive email list. As I write this book, I have over 200,000 people on my email list. That number grows every day, for FREE. As you can see in this image, today I’ve gained more than 220 new subscribers.

So, what is it worth? How can you really generate additional revenue from an email list? Generally, the rule of thumb is that a traditional paid advertisement method can build an email list, but will cost 50 cents to $1 for each subscriber added to your list.

Building your list is the key to long-term sustainable profits and growth. Nobody can take this list from you. You can also continue to market the list without spending any additional money on advertising. I can teach my students about email marketing because it’s the major reason I’ve achieved online success over the last decade.

In fact, the best thing about this method is that an email list is a “by-product” of a core business which is building a Fan Page and generating thank you page profits.

Anthony is currently generating more than $4,000 per month from his thank you pages, this is FREE MONEY. So, I can see that HE GOT PAID $48,000 to generate a list of 205,747 and more. Do you believe that?

The one thing important to note is what a subscriber is WORTH to you, once they subscribe to the list. One good rule of thumb is that most marketers teach, so I know you’ve probably heard this before, is that email subscribers may be worth $1 per month.

I imagine you are stoked about the method?

In fact, there are a few catches that I’ll need to show you before blazing on Facebook. This is the same as anything in life.

  • How can you make a post go viral?
  • What types of posts generate the best results on Facebook?
  • Can you make Facebook display your posts to all of your fans?
  • How do you put Google Ads on your page and earn extra money?

The Facebook Pages Domination workshop is a live training program. I walk through the entire process step-by-step. I’ll build a Fan Page business right in front of you, so you can duplicate what I’m doing.